Thursday, 25 March 2010


2010PAD-83, originally uploaded by axeman3uk.

I am now 83 days into my photo a day / project 365 on Flickr and although at first it was a challenge finding a different or interesting shot each day I am now happy that I feel quite comfortable with this and things seem to be falling into place............. I certainly had reservations at the start as to how far through the 365 I would get!

Cafe Culture!

The one thing amidst the fast food joints you struggle to find these days are the little 'gresy spoons' or cafes....... the ones that are around are usually tucked away from the prime locations and high rents of the central CBD, but if you can find them they offer a wider chocie and more interesting atmosphere than any fast food joint.

Long live the 'greasy spoon'!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Selectadisc Nottingham - The End Of An Era

At the end of March 2009 Nottingham Iconic alternative record shop, Selectadisc, will be closing it's doors for the final time. Selectascratch as it is affectionately know to many has been in Nottingham in various locations for 40 years.


Selectadisc timeline
1966 - Brian Selby opens the first Selectadisc as a stall in Mansfield market.

1969 - Selectadisc relocates, moving to Arkwright Street, The Meadows, Nottingham.

1970s - The store relocates to the centre of town on the site of the current Royal Centre.

1980 - Selectadisc moves to its current location in Market Street.

2009 - The store announces it's to close at the end of March.

I hear so many stories and anecdotes from people about how many hours of their lives they spent thumbing through vinyl in the store I thought it would be a good opportunity to collect some of these stories together....... peoples memories of what is an iconic shop in Nottingham, one which people travelled from far and wide for the little grey bag and a new piece of alternative music to immerse ones self in.


I spent an afternoon with the guys in the shop taking some shots of the daily patter in Selectadisc and the people for whom it holds so much affinity, you can view these @

As well as the memories if you have any photos you want to share please post them with your stories.

The Rush For Bargains

Selectadisc........ the people..... the place and the memories.

This Is Vinyl (on) Tap

It is over to you now................ your stories and memories.

Bassist Required....

Edd Cunningham shows some of the great music he's bought from Selectadisc over the years......

My tribute
My tribute: A small collection of the CD's I have purchased from Selectadisc over the years. Many have become, and still are, favorites of mine.
To me, this presented the fact that music taste has stayed largely the same for the past 5 years or so.
(Click on Ed's pic to view his other photos)

My final clutch of jems from Sleccy.....

The Final Purchase

My final (unless I get tempted back in again over the next week!) clutch of quality gems and top tunes from Selectadisc Nottingham........ a real mixed bag!

1. Various Artists - Mind Rocker (13 disc set of 60's US punk garage psych)
2. Scott 4 & Magic Car - European Punks LP
3. Ocean Colour Scene - North Atlantic Drift
4. Phil May & The Fallen Angels - Fallen Angels (Pretty Things spin out)
5. Downliners Sect - Sect Maniax ('76 reformation of band split in '68)
6. Scott 4 - Works Project LP
7. Various Artists - Mop Top Pop (Collection of 60's UK beat stuff incl Kinks, Hi-Fi's Soul Agents)
8. Buffalo Tom - Besides (US indie band from '90s onwards)
9. The Crooks - Just Released (classic late '70's mod revival)
10. Aerosmith - Live Bootleg (no introduction needed!)
11. Boo Radleys - Find The Way Out (best retrospective of all thier greats)
12. Billy Nicholls - Forevers No Time At All (anthology)
13. The Cure - The Cure (still as good as ever)

Let's here some more of your memories, over to you.....................

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Why you pointing that camera in my face?

Street photography is something that has captured my interest of late, I think the ability to capture that moment in time and be right in there with life when you take the shot is something really intriguing.

Having looked at some of the excellent work in Nottingham by Stephen Wright I am quite amazed at what can be captured if you are good enough and brave enough to almost point that small camera lens into peoples daily lives. I look at some of the photos and they start to raise questions? who are they, what are they doing, where are they going, why that look, do they know something............ that for me is the real skill of good street photography in that as well as capturing that glimpse into life on a macro scale it invokes thought and questions from the viewer. You can almost let your imagination run wild and make up a whole story from one well captured single photograph.

.......... So here is a picture........... what does it inspire in you, does it evoke any memories or raise any questions, what is happening in that snapshot of life?

Collaboratively we can write the story............ over to you!

Monday, 22 December 2008

Anyone can take a good photograph!

Well....... yes!

That is why I love photography............... anyone could pick up a camera as long as it will capture in a decent quality what you point it at and catch the moment.

Catching the moment is the art of good photography, catching that perfect spilt second that means so much subjectively to someone somewhere. A single shot can mean a thousand things to a thousand different people or it can mean one very personal and private feeling to one or two.

As we look back through our pictures from the past each one tells us a story and brings back memories from the past, each and every photo is a piece of history for one or many people, telling it's story in a most unique, silent yet lyrical, simple yet deep, eloquant way.

A simple photograph my arouse a thousand memories..............

Here is the first photo post, what does it mean to you, what does it remind you off????